Disability Assessments and Medical Record Reviews

A permanent impairment is defined as one that has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) and is well stabilized and unlikely to change substantially in the next year with or without medical treatment. Definitions may vary from state to state but are generally consistent with the definition expressed in
literature provided by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Dr. Satish Mahna can be contracted to evaluate medical records, a patient and documentation for a particular case regarding extent of disability & permanency determination. Our disability assessment services for extent of disability & permanency determination are based on objective data and under contract can include:

  • Conduct an extensive medical records review
  • Evaluate the patient in person, if necessary
  • Analyze applicable information including test results, imaging studies, etc.
  • Review any relevant literature pertaining to the diagnosis and condition of the individual
  • Provide a deposition, where warranted
  • Provide expert testimony, if necessary
  • Develop a comprehensive written report outlining the projected course of medical treatment and its associated costs